Department of Linguistics

''Sociolinguistics and Language Change'' (IMU Departmental Seminars 8 on Linguistics)


Dr. Emre Yağlı from the Department of Linguistics, Hacettepe University held a conference entitled as ''Sociolinguistics and Language Contact''. Briefly touching on the definition of sociolinguistics and its study field, Dr. Emre Yağlı put emphasis on why and how language change occur with a special focus on such questions as ''What are the social factors influencing the way that language change spread into the society?'', '''Why does language change spread within a society?'', How do these factors influence the spread of these changes?'' by giving examples and scientific studies. Within this perspective, he answered the questions 'Which groups triggger language change?'', ''In what ways does the language change spread from one group to another?'' by emphasizing the studies carried out over them. The presentation was enthusiatically followed by the students and the academic staff from many different departments. The powerpoint presentation can be seen from the link: ""