Department of Linguistics

Specialized Fields

Specialized fields of Asst. Prof. Dr. Hakan Aydemir, PhD

1. Turkic Linguistics (focused on phonological, morphological problems of Old and Proto-Turkic)

2. Altaic Linguistics (focused on phonological, morphological problems of the (Micro-)Altaic languages, and the real and alleged cognate words).

3. Contact Linguistics (Turkic-Mongolic, Turkic-Hungarian, Turkic-Tocharian linguistic contacts; lexical borrowings; substrate influences; language shift).

4. Onomastics (focused on Central Asian Turkic ethnonyms and toponyms).

Specialized fields of Res. Asst. Oktay Çınar

1. Second Language Acquisition (acquisition of the syntax-discourse)

2. Linguistic Typology (typology on the null-subject parameter)